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Op Art and More

Virtual Gallery for        Optical Art  -   Pop Art  -   Collage  -   Kinetics  -   Fractals  -   Swarm Behaviour

Welcome on the Website for Net Art of Frank Vollbrecht

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Video Index

Video - Op Art and Fractal Art

The presented video contain examples and short cuts from the listed JAVA-Applets below. You can see Optical Art sequences and make journeys into fractal worlds

Recent updates:

Feb. 2024 new: Video in the style of Guenther Uecker
Jan. 2024 new: Creation of Op Art videos using swarm intelligence
May 2023 new: Videos with unusual fractals

Sound Patterns

Video Index

Sound Patterns - Sounds and Waves - Sound Machine

Stochastic music in the style of the composer Iannis Xenakis

June 2024 - Three new music pieces : Sounds by Swarm Intelligence:
   The four Boids
   Telephone Lines
   The 12 Boids


Video Index

Selected Fractals - Fractal Art

Images with fractals, stereographic views, fractal landscapes, alienation of fractals

new - April 2023: Strange Fractals


Bild Index

Selected Artwork - Op Art, Pop Art, Collage, Monotype

Alienated photos and images - some with real three dimensional view by stereography

new: Feb. 2024: A Scholar in his Study ('Faust') from Rembrandt
new: Girl with a Pearl Earring from Jan Vermeer: 2017 created, 2023 published


Text Index

Interactive Art with Java-Applets : Op Art, Pop Art, Collage, Overlay of Images, Simulation of Swarms, Kinetics

The following webpages contain interactive Artwork based on Java-applets. Your browser has to support Java-applets.

These pages have not been maintained for a long time because most browsers no longer allow the processing of Java applets