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Interactive Art
Swarm Behaviour

The following pages contain interactive artwork, which can be activated as JAVA-applets. But be aware: Several Browsers inhibit the activation of JAVA-applets due to security reasons or demand special adjustment.

Interactive picture generation and animation is possible only with complete activation of JAVA and JAVA SCRIPT in your browser and your Java Control Panel.

Browsers which support JAVA-Applets: http://proteopedia.org/wiki/index.php/Installing_and_enabling_Java#Browsers_That_Support_Java

Requirements for JAVA

JAVA-Plugin Download

OP-Art -
Optical Art and Virtual Kinetics by Frank Vollbrecht

The following pages contain animated pictures which can be manipulated by mouse interaction. This section contains some stereo pictures and animations which can be viewed threedimensionaly by crossing the eyes.

Op Art Gallery
 example OP Art Frank Vollbrecht
OP-Art Animations after Motives from Bridget Riley

The following pages show virtual OPArt pictures based on ideas of Bridget Riley combined with kinetics and interactive features. 
You will find:
Movement in Squares, Shiver, Where, White Discs 2, Turn, Uneasy Centre, Blaze4

Some pictures and kinetic motions are performed for stereo viewing.

OP Art 
Bridget Riley
example OP Art
Patch-Art / Photographic   -  from Frank Vollbrecht

Picture sequences and animations can be modified by mouse interaction. Patches become integrated in photos.


Interferences/Swarm Behaviour
  - changing and overlapping Images

Animations with overlapping or generated pictures. The overlapping process (position, colours and pixel selection) may be influenced by cursor operations

Example of
FRACTALS (Mandelbrot, Julia and others)

Different sorts of fractals may be generated online. Multiple magnifications can be made. Real stereo views and three dimensional views are supported

new Sept. 2018
new control panel
easier mouse handling

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