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Videos with the art movements :         Optical Art   -   Kinetics    -   Pop Art   -   Collages   -   Fractal Art   -   Swarm Intelligence


The videos sometimes contain image sequences with strong contrasts, fast motion sequences and oscillating image elements. In people with increased photosensitivity, gamma waves can be amplified in the visual cortex, which can cause migraines or even epilepsy attacks.


The texts on the following pages are displayed in light letters on a dark background. This method of presentation protects against increasing myopia compared to the usual contrast.

Source: Felicitas Witte: Nearsightedness is also a question of contrast. FAZ No. 188, S N1, 15.08.2018 as well as. A. Aleman, Min Wang, F. Schaeffel, et al. Why does reading make you myopic? doi:10.1038/s41598-018-28904-x

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Video directories


Videos with unusual representations of fractal Julia sets

new - May 2023:

Short videos from 2021-2022 with varied representations of fractals


Pop Art Videos / Videos in the style of Pop Art

Videos created by using algorithms in the style of Pop Art, sometimes combined with Op Art and Patch Art elements

new - Feb. 2022: Works from 2000 - 2017 in the field of Interactive Art


Swarm Art Videos

Videos created by swarm intelligence

new videos:
January 2024 : Play with Lines
Februar 2024 : Play with Needles in the style of Guenther Uecker


Op Art Videos

Videos created by algorithms in the style of Op Art


Videos with fractal Julia sets

Animated representations of variable Julia surfaces (2017)

(incl. a short explanation about the creation of the fractals and the videos)


Artistically alienated fractals

Representation of animated Julia sets through figurative elements, shading and transparent surfaces (2017)


Artistically rendered Fatou and Julia set

Representation of animated Fatou and Julia sets by structured colored areas (2017)

(incl. a description for the delimitation of the calculation of Julia and Fatou sets as well as the calculation of structures within Julia areas).


Artistic interpretation of the variant Julia set (z3+c)/z

An artistic and crazy journey through a Juliet universe (2017-2021)

(The page also contains an artistic interpretation of the Julia surface with aspects of astro- and quantum physics as well as philosophical considerations).


Forms of swarm behavior

Different forms of swarm behavior based on Craig Reynolds' swarm rules with up to 2000 individuals/boids (2019).

(incl. a description of the swarm rules used here).

March 2024 new videos: Neighborhood groups


Flickering Julia in-sets - Flashlight

Animation and representation of the variation of Julia in-sets with the result of flickering surfaces (2019)

(The variation of iteration of structueres inside the Julia set form flashlight effects)


Border zones of Julia and Fatou sets - Flashlight

Artistic animation of the transitions between Julia and Fatou sets (2020)

(Restricted iterations in the calculation of fractals lead to artistic effects in Julia surfaces and Fatou dust).


Fractals from the point of view of artificial neural networks

Representation of alienation and modification of pixels by neural networks with unpredictable image composition. (2020)

(The use of simple recurrent neural networks with feedback causes an altered artistic representation of fractal images partly in the style of futurism. style of futurism. The page also contains a description of the used networks)